Monday 13 August 2012

Britain is still a country where one angry and fearless old man can thwart young daylight robbers

A recent article in 'The Daily Mail' was entitled :

Hero grandfather who tackled gang of armed jewellery store raiders praised by judge for 'fortitude and bravery' as they are jailed for 36 years

It made the following points, about 71 year old Michael Graver who was in Abbeygate Street in Bury St Edmonds on February 28 2011, that he :
* became very angry when a gang of armed smash-and-grab robbers on mopeds nearly knocked over his wife on their way to raid a jeweller's.

tried to shove one moped and its occupants over, chased one of the robbers into the shop and grabbed a bag with £22,000 worth of watches from him as he tried to escape and the man, who was wielding a sledgehammer, was so shocked that he stopped and did a double-take at his empty hands before leaping back on his getaway vehicle.

* was awarded £500 for his 'commendable fortitude and bravery'.

 Feisty old Michael caught on closed circuit tv :

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