Wednesday 15 August 2012

Britain says "Happy Birthday" to an old actor, amateur achaeologist and lover of history called Tony Robinson

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ony, English actor, comedian, amateur historian, tv presenter, writer of children's books and political activist, best known known for playing Baldrick in the tv series 'Blackadder' and for hosting 'Time Team' and 'The Worst Jobs in History' is 66 years old today.
What you possibly didn't know about Tony, that he :

* was born in the London borough of Hackney and performed in his first professional acting role at the age of 12, as a member of 'Fagin's Gang' (right) in the original production of the musical 'Oliver' in 1960.
* in the 1980's rose to prominence for his role in the historical sitcom 'Blackadder' as Edmund Blackadder's dogsbody, 'Baldrick' and changed from being astute in the first series to being a buffoon with the catchphrase "I have a cunning plan" in the last three series.
'Black Adder the Third' set in the 18th century :
'Black Adder goes Forth' set in The First World War :
* in 1989 he created the children's comedy tv series'Maid Marion and her Merry Men' a loose retelling of the legend of Robin Hood in which he appeared as the Sheriff of Nottingham.
* in 1994, began presenting the 'Time Team' tv series devoted to archaeological investigations limited to three days and in 2005, was given an honorary doctorate by Exeter University (below)
* enthused about the wonders of The British Museum in London.
* in 2012 featured in the tv series 'When I get Older' and movingly encouraged an old man to sing in public to help him overcome his grief for the loss of the wife he'd known for 68 years:

* on the tv programme 'Question Time' earlier this year vented his spleen on British bankers :



  1. I loved the children's TV programme "Fat Tulip" in which Tony Robertson narrated a story and viewers listened and created the characters in their minds. Of course it was cancelled because, I heard, there was no way to make mugs, clothing, soft toys from it

  2. Dear Tony,
    I was born the year you were in Oliver. M first leading role was in the musical My Fair Lady as Eliza Doolittle. If I thought for one moment that it were possible, As the Dodger says, "I'd do anything for you dear... I'd risk everything
    For one kiss -- everything
    Yes, I'd do anything...
    Anything for you!!