Sunday, 22 April 2012

Britain is a country whose old men once had a champion called David Hobman who gave them 'Age Concern'

The Institute of Gerontology, King's College London and Age UK will be hosting their Annual Lecture in July when Baroness Julia Neuberger will give her lecture entitled :

 'Why do we not take older people seriously in the UK?' 

Julia, who is a Senior Rabbi to the West London Synagogue, social reformer and member of the House of Lords will deliver the lecture in memory of a champion of old men called David Hobman who died in 2003 aged 76.

What you possibly didn't know about David, that as a  :
* an innovator, took over at the 'National Old People’s Welfare Committee' in 1971 and immediately changed its name to 'Age Concern' and swept a new broom through the organisation stressing  that retired people had a positive contribution to make - economically, culturally and socially.

* publicist, raised the profile of 'Age Concern' which became one of the first charities to have a press officer and his breakfast meetings at the party political conferences, where he displayed the ability to strip complex social issues down to their bare bones and make them easily comprehensible. 

* fund raiser, increased 'Age Concern’s annual income from £50,000 to £8 million in 1987.

* an agile communicator, fronted the tv programme 'Getting On' and wrote to local government requesting better communications, improved street lighting and concessionary fares.

* as a writer, after retiring, wrote 'Planning Your Retirement' in 1990 and 'Uniting Generations' in 1993.

So David, youv'e been gone these last 9 years, what would you think of Britain as a country for old men today ?

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