Saturday, 19 May 2012

Britain is a country with an old football club called Chelsea with old fans who travel to a game with an old club called Bayern Munich

Both clubs are old, with Chelsea founded in 1905 and Bayern in 1900 and I have no doubt that both will have their fair share of old supporters like the ones in the photos below.
About  30,000 of the London team’s supporters are expected to arrive in the Bavarian capital. The stadium seats 67,000 and there were 1 million applications for tickets with 17,500 issued to Chelsea.  Outside, two 'fan zones' will show the game on giant screens for those who didn't get a ticket.
In preparation  :
* the city’s authorities have outlawed drinking in its streets and squares and at the stadium itself.
* police have put a massive security operation in place involving 2,000 officers, with water cannon trucks in reserve.
* police spokesman Wolfgang Wenger said: “We are in top form for the top game, we have trained to the utmost. This is the highlight of the year. No matter where the English fans go, we will be nearby.”
* two uniformed British police officers and 20 undercover detectives and officials will travel to Munich with the Chelsea supporters.
* Munich’s pubs and restaurants where drinking will be allowed  have brought in vast reserves.

I'm not a Chelsea supporter, but I'll be at barbecue when the game is played tonight, where I'll be the only Brit, so I think it will be politic to keep a low profile, particularly if Chelsea should win !

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There were many happy old Chelsea fans in Munich last night. Their team won in a 'penalty shoot out' after 2 hours of play.

I saw the game, which finished at 11 pm,  on a projection of the wall of a garden in a local childrens' home, but that's another story.

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