Monday 17 September 2012

Britain, in austerity, is a country where more and more people want the state to give no more help to old men

THE 29th 'British Social Attitudes' Report has been published under the title :

Social attitudes in an age of austerity         


What do citizens want from the state?


In this section it made the following points, that :

* when it comes to receiving state funded benefits from taxes some recipients are looked upon more kindly than others and retired old people are, for instance, often seen to be part of a 'deserving poor' which excludes other groups like 'single parents' or 'the unemployed'.

*  table 0.1 in the Report ( shown below ), shows a trend common to each and every group, namely that support for more spending on benefits has fallen since 1998.

* support for more Government spending on retired old people having stayed steady around 73% has fallen by 16% compared to :
-10% : the disabled
-11% : parents on low income
-9 % : single parents
-10%: carers for the sick or disabled.
T_Key Findings _0.1


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