Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Britain is 'apparently' a country for old men who keep themselves healthy

I came across this article in the 'Daily Express' newspaper :


At one end of the spectrum :

When I was in my 20's I was :

* at my healthiest and fittest as, so much of my system peaked during those years.

* my metabolism was operating at its most efficient.'

At the other end of the spectrum , which is where I am now, in my 60's :

* Everything is a bit more of an effort and my declining hearing and eyesight will be testament to the fact, that I am noticeably wearing out.

* A hardening of my eye’s lens and a weakening of the muscles behind it, will mean focusing becomes more difficult for me , starting with the closest field of vision.

* Although my muscles are naturally losing density and strength, I will be able to maintain them more efficiently and retain strength if I keep fit.

* I should continue to 'work out' because, at this age, I am are susceptible to high blood pressure, strokes and heart attacks. However, heart disease is less likely to strike, once I get past 70.

* A 'good level of nutrition is vital too', as I will need to work that bit more to maintain my immune system. Also, because it is natural for me to eat less, it is essential my food is as nutrient-loaded as possible.

* Mentally, I can be as sharp as I ever was, with greater analytical abilities, but this will be down to giving my brain 'daily workouts' to keep fit. This may help stave off dementia which becomes a very real prospect for me after the age of 65.

* I should be getting an 'all-over check-up', every three months.

* What I need to watch out for: Osteoporosis.

My bones will become progressively less dense, so I need to make sure I keep my calcium intake up. Apparently, milk, cheese, green vegetables, sardines and nuts are good sources of calcium for me.

* Low-level infections. My immune system is becoming increasingly less efficient and I have to keep it well nourished. I need to eat plenty of fruit and vegetables to ensure my diet is rich in vitamins.

So summarised :


* hearing
* eyesight
* muscle density
* immune system

UP :

* blood pressure
* strokes
* heart attacks
* osteoporosis
* low level infection

Not much of a prospect is it ?

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