Friday, 19 February 2010

Britain's B.B.C. is a no company for old men who want news, but one where they can get a full update on the love life of golpher Tiger Woods

I just checked into the 'BBC 1 News on T.V'. to be updated on World Affairs and Domestic Affairs like 'the big ministerial discussion today about the funding of health care for the old in years to come' and possibly the latest on Haiti in the aftermath of the death of the 250,000 people.

None of that. The B.B.C. main news for first 6 minutes was the love life of the golfer Tiger Woods.

Was this the BBC, the premier broadcasting channel, which once led the world ?

I think not.

Just a wan prostitute of a channel, by the side of the road touting her salutary wears.


Britain today, a country where no longer resides, the once 'Mighty' BBC.

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