Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Britain said " Happy Birthday" yesterday to Denis Waterman and Paul Jones

Paul Jones is 68 today and
Denis Waterman is 62.

Things you didn't know about Denis :

* Born in Clapham, London and of 13 played the part of 'Winthrop Paroo' in the Adelphi Theatre production of 'The Music Man'.

* A year later starred as William Brown in the BBC TV series 'William' based on the 'Just William' books of Richmal Crompton.

* Had a major role in the 1968 film 'Up The Junction'.

* Played the boyfriend of Susan George in "Fright" in 1971.

* Started to build a name for himself with appearances on the BBC's 'Play for Today' series, most notably in the Dennis Potter dramas : 'Follow the Yellow Brick Road' in 1972 and 'Joe's Ark' in '74.

* Became well known and something of a pin-up as D.S. George Carter in the TV series 'The Sweeney', as well as starring in 'Minder',

* Sang the theme tune, "I Could Be So Good For You", which was a top three UK hit in 1980 and a top 10 hit in Australia and had a brief singing career.

* In 1981,starred in the TV film, 'A Captain's Tale , true story of West Auckland Football Club, a part-time side who won the 'first' World Cup, known as the 'Sir Thomas Lipton Trophy'.

* In 1982, starred in the musical, Windy City which also featured Amanda Redmond who he later went on to star with in the TV series, 'New Tricks'.

* In 1986, took the lead male role in the BAFTA Award winning BBC adaptation of Fay Weldon's 'The Life and Loves of a She-Devil'.

* He appeared on stage as Alfred P. Doolittle in 'My Fair Lady'in 2001 and narrated the reality-format television programme, 'Bad Lads Army'.

* His most recent appearance was in the 2009 BBC2 mini series 'Moses Jones'.

* He has been caricatured by David Walliams in the radio and TV comedy series 'Little Britain', in sketches where he visits his agent, played by Matt Lucas looking for parts. Most of the jokes in the sketches are about Waterman being so small such that common objects are massive in comparison to him, but he is in fact five foot nine inches in height. In 2006, Waterman made a guest appearance in a Little Britain stage show, alongside the comedy character version of himself.

And lastly, the song we remember Pail Jones for :

'Do Wah Diddy Diddy Dum Diddy Do' which he sang with the Manfred Mann band in 1964

and 'I've Been a Bad, Bad Boy' when he had branched out on his own in 1967 :

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