Saturday, 13 February 2010

Canada is a country for old men like Donald Sutherland

I watched the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics at Vancouver which was spectacular. A feast of modern technology. I learnt that, like Donald, Joni Mitchell, the singer, is Canadian ; as is k.d.lang who sang a beautiful rendition of the Canadian, Leonard Cohen's 'Alleluia' or is it 'Halleluyah' ?

For me, the sight of 1.93m, Donald Sutherland, striding out with the Olympic flag, with 5 other bearers, to lay in front of the red coated police officers, was quite something, with his white beard, 75 years and mane of hair.

My first memory of him was from the film 'M.A.S.H' in 1970, where he co-starred with Elliot Gould. It was set in the Korean War, in the 1950's, but was really about the Vietnam War in the 1960's.

Donald's life ;

Born : 1935, Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada

Jobs : Radio DJ in his youth
: Almost set on becoming an engineer after graduating from the University of Toronto with degrees in engineering and drama. He chose drama.

: His first roles were bit parts in films like : 'Dr. Terror's House of Horrors' in 1965 with Christopher Lee.

: He appeared in episodes of TV shows such as 'The Saint' and 'Court Martial'.

: First film break in which he played Vernon Pinkley in the Second World War film 'The Dirty Dozen' in 1967

: His second break was playing in the film 'MASH' in 1970 with Elliott Gould and Tom Skerritt.

: His next best film would have to be 'Klute' in 1971, which made Jane Fonda a star and was about a prostitute whose friend was mysteriously murdered.

: His career went on :

Long live old Canadians like Donald Sutherland !

His commercial for the Olympics with his 'lilting' Canadian voice :


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