Monday, 8 February 2010

Google :'Old People in Britain Today'

If you put 'Old People in Britain Today' on a 'Google' search, it produces a rich harvest of sad and depressing websites :

Survey finds 4% of older people in Britain are victims of abuse ...At least 340000 older people are being abused in their own homes by family, ... The first thorough survey of elder abuse in Britain found 4% of people over 66 are...

Old people 'being robbed of will to live' by loneliness - This ...The NOP survey found that 72 per....

Elderly people's lives 'worsen'... More than one fifth of elderly people feel they are living in poverty and 28% say their lives have got worse.

Britain's elderly people 'bankrupted' by care bills.

Marginalised and depressed : One million older people in the UK..

The Decline of Employment Among Older People in Britain by N Campbell.

Who would want be a pensioner? The grim reality for millions of older people is a far cry from the ...

Britain Today : A country which neither reveres nor cares for large numbers of its old people.

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