Friday, 26 February 2010

Old Britons say " Happy Birthday" to Sandie Shaw.

Sandie Shaw is 63 today and the 'Guardian' Newspaper says she is a ' singer and businesswoman'.

I am intrigued and shall research. Remember, that I have an open mind, but the ' businesswoman', is in the forefront of of my my mind.

What did I find out about Sandie ? :

* Was born, Sandra Ann Goodrich and brought up in Dagenham, Essex.

* Leaving school, worked at the nearby 'Ford Factory' and did some part-time modelling, before coming 'second' as a singer in a local talent contest.

* Potential spotted by singer, Adam Faith, who introduced her to his manager and she got a contract in 1964 and the stage name : 'Sandie Shaw'.

* Second 'single' had the Bacharach and David song : "There's Always Something There to Remind Me", which rose to 'Number 1', in the 'charts'.

* "Girl Don't Come", followed and became her biggest U.S. hit.

* Other songs : "I'll Stop at Nothing", "Long Live Love", and "Message Understood".

* Recorded most of her hit singles in Italian, French, German and Spanish, boosting her popularity in Europe.

* Was popular across South America and performed behind the Iron Curtain and sang at concerts in pre-revolutionary Iran.

* In 1968, began the 'Sandie Shaw' fashion label, selling her own brand of clothing and shoes and hosted her own TV show.

* In 1969, her single "Heaven Knows I'm Missing Him Now" was released, which became an inspiration for a hit by 'The Smiths', 15 years later.

* In 1972, retired from life as a singer and began working on a rock musical, songwriting and acting in stage productions, playing 'Ophelia' in Hamlet and 'Joan of Arc' in Saint Joan. She also wrote and painted childrens' books.

* In 1982, married Nik Powell, 'Co-founder of the Virgin Group' and Chairman of the European Film Academy.

* In 1986 started her first 'university tour' in almost 20 years.

* In 1988 released the album, 'Hello Angel' and made appearances at 'Gay Pride' and 'Peace' festivals.

* Had her 'biography' : 'The World at My Feet', published in 1991.

* In 1992 began studying at Oxford and the University of London and qualified as a 'psychotherapist' in 1994.

* Opened 'The Arts Clinic' in 1997 with her husband, to provide 'psychological health care and creative development' to those, in the entertainment and media industries.

* 1998 was invited to join the 'Royal Society of Musicians' as an 'Honorary Professor of Music'.

Well, I didn't find much evidence of 'the businesswoman', but here is her last 'hit' :

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