Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Britain's old men, you are moaning busy bodies who can't laugh at yourselves

An article appeared in the Telegraph newspaper in January entitled :

Are you fed up with Britain's old people?

Are you living in fear of Britain's teenagers?

We hear a lot about Britain's youth and how bad they are for society but perhaps the problem doesn't lie with them at all. Perhaps old people aren't what they used to be.

Where once old people were kindly and sat quietly on park benches minding their own business, now we have a generation of busy-bodies, constantly moaning about the state of Britain and bragging about how lucky they will be to drop dead before it gets any worse.

Thanks to the property boom, the house they bought for next to nothing back in the Sixties is now worth a fortune and still they moan about how hard it is to make ends meet.

They spent much of their working lives in Britain pre-Thatcher, leaving at 5pm on the dot and always enjoying a lunch break thanks to trade unions that have long since been neutered. Yet still they complain about poor quality services.

They received their education when degrees and A-levels meant something but all they use their superior knowledge for is complaining, rather than putting things right. Worst of all, they can't laugh at themselves.

Have you had enough of old people?

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Perhaps the author of the article would approve if we were all more like this cheerful old German :

P.S. I was at my local Tescos supermarket the other day and I had a moan to the duty manager about the filth and litter outside around the cash machines. He indicated that he would do something about it. Needless to say, when I left half an hour later the rubbish was still there.

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