Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Britain is still a country where old men who eat bananas can become new dads

Here is a story from 'The Sun' newspaper :

Really old man becomes Britain's oldest dad :

74-year-old Gerry Burks has become Britain's oldest father after his 41-year-old wife Dawn gave birth to a baby boy.

The happy (slightly withered) couple already have a six-year-old son.

Gerry puts his impressive virility down to his diet of bananas and his love for Dawn.

She told The Sun:

"Gerry is not some dithering old man who has fathered a child he can't look after. He's fit and strong and has a youthful outlook. Everyone here thinks we're a great couple and loving family."

Although Gerry will sadly probably be dead before the kid's 18, on the plus side the baby's got a dad and a granddad, for the price of one. Christmas present savings like that don't come along often.

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