Thursday, 19 July 2012

Britain is a country with a town called Christchurch full of old men and visited by for the BBC by Jeremy Paxman for his 'Senior Moment'.

According to the 2011 census in Christchurch in Dorset, almost a third of the population are over 65 and at the start of this month the tv 'Newsnight' presenter, 62 year old, Jeremy Paxman, made his way there for a special programme called 'Senior Moment'.

The programme made the following points, that :

Britain was revealed in May to be the mobility scooter capital of Europe. and the 'British Healthcare Trades Association' said five years ago there were 70,000 but the number is now closer to 300,000, .

* the 'All Mobility' store Jeremy visited was once a 'surf shop', a key indicator of how the town has been transformed, with over-85s now the fastest-growing sector of Britain’s population.

*  Jeremy travelled around the store, trying to avoid the other scooters on display, in a filmed segment for the programme and complained that the mobility aid, with a top speed of 8mph, was "too slow" and asked if it could go faster, then laughed as he bumped another scooter while trying a left turn.

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