Thursday, 26 July 2012

Britain is no country for a brave old man called Joseph Carter beaten by burglars

This is the battered, bruised and blood-stained face of 82-year-old Joseph Carter who was beaten and stabbed in his head and body when he confronted two burglers in his £400,000 house and despite the severity of his injuries, found the strength to see off his attackers.


In and after the attack, Joseph  :

* was pinned to the ground and slashed several times with a kitchen knife and dripping in blood and badly injured, managed to chase the men out of his home.

*  staggered to a nearby garage where shocked mechanics tried to stem his blood with paper towel and witnesses said he looked like something out of a horror film.

*  is currently in a stable condition in intensive care at Frimley Park Hospital in Camberley.

* has had photos released by Surrey Police showing the severity of his injuries including deep gashes across the top of his head and a cut to his nose so deep it exposed the bone.

* had a local resident say of him : "Joe is well known around here – he’s always out and about and loves speaking to people. He’s the friendliest soul in the world and for him to be attacked like this in his own home is truly awful. He put up a good fight though and wasn’t about to let people like this steal his belongings without standing up for himself."

* had Detective Constable Dan Chant say : "This was an horrific unprovoked attack on an elderly man and I am appealing for any information which might help locate these offenders. These people need to be tracked down and caught as soon as possible – if they are capable of doing that to an old man they are a danger to everyone."

What a sad country Britain has become, where gentle and defenceless old men are savagely attacked within the 'safety' of their own homes.

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