Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Britain is a country where young men live in fear of life in a care home when they are old men

A report, based on a 'YouGov' poll of 2,000 adults by the Alzheimer's Society called, 'Low Expectations' has revealed that :

* 70% of adults fear ending up in a care home amid concerns about poor treatment and abuse and would be 'fairly' or 'very scared' of going into one and in addition, 64% cent do not feel the sector is doing enough to tackle abuse in homes.

* a record 80% per cent of those living in care homes have dementia or severe memory problems, compared with previous estimates of around 62% meaning that 322,000 of 400,000 care home residents have these conditions.

 * fewer than half of dementia sufferers in care homes enjoy a good quality of life, with more than a quarter of relatives saying it is ‘poor’.

Jeremy Hughes (left) of the Alzheimer’s Society, said:
"Society has such low expectations of care homes that people are settling for average. Throughout our lives we demand the best for ourselves and our children. Why do we expect less for our parents?
We need government and care homes to work together to lift expectations so people know they have the right to demand the best."

David Rogers, of the Local Government Association, said:
"This report shows the lack of confidence in a care system buckling under the weight of rapidly growing demand and years of underfunding. Unless we see an urgent injection of money from central government to meet rising demand, alongside a major re
vision of the way social care is paid for and delivered in future, things will continue to get worse."

The Report :


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