Monday 13 May 2013

Britain is no country for old men who need help with dressing and eating

Tucked away in the 'Guardian' last week was a small article which spelt big implications for thousands of old men and women in Britain :

Warning over care of the elderly and disabled after £2.7 billion cut

It made the following points, that :

* social care chiefs in Britain warn that more old men and women and people with disabilities will be denied state-funded care support over the next two years as local authority finances continue to take a battering from funding cuts.

* many recipients of basic state-funded care such as help with either washing and eating or meals on wheels, could face a reduced service, while others will lose out on care support altogether.

* Sandie Keene, President of the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services said : "Some of the people we have responsibilities for may be affected by serious reductions in service – with more in the pipeline over the next two years."
* councils plan to make £800 million in adult social care savings over the next 12 months alone. 

* £104 million of the cuts in 2013-14 will come in direct withdrawal of services and as Sandie said : " It is absolutely clear that all the ingenuity and skill that we have brought to cushioning vulnerable people as far as possible from the effects of the economic circumstances cannot be stretched any further."

Britain in 2013 : a sad country whose Government has found that it is  necessary to save money spent on helping the poor old men and women who need help with those basic needs : to dress and eat.

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