Sunday, 15 November 2009

Battle of the blogs : Part 5 : 'small animals v old people'

I've said my daughter has a blog about the 'trials, tribulations and rewards of being a small animal vet in Britain today'.

Her father has a blog about the 'trials, tribulations and nostalgias of old people in Britain today'.

Well, the Father has to concede defeat and it is an ignominious defeat, in the present battle.

The facts speak for themselves :

Small animals :

: visits yesterday : 41
: visits so far today : 18

Old people :

: visits yesterday : 1
: visits so far today : 0

Beaten in the battles so far, but undefeated in the larger war, the Father 'will', or Churchill would have said, "shall" be 'Churchillian' and blog on.


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