Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Old Lady crossing the road : Part Two

I sent the link to family and friends asking them if they thought it was a set up. Of the 9 who replied to my e-mail, they all agree with my wife, that it was a set-up.

I'm still not convinced. I think the jury is still out.
The facts are that the video has been around since 2006 and it appears on a number of web sites.

Let's examine the evidence against a spoof :

1. The boy in black who falls off his skateboard at the sound of the screech of brakes, seems genuinely surprised. He would need to be a good actor.

2. The laughter of the Mum doing the filming seems a genuine reaction to events.

3. The old lady could be suffering from sleep apnoea at the side of the road.

4. The old lady seems genuine. She would need to be a good actress.

5. She hit the grill of the car with her paper bag because she knew it would do no damage.

Evidence in favour of a spoof :

1. The drivers over-revving and beeping doesn't ring true.

2. The old lady hits the grill of the Mercedes with a paper bag which won't damage the grill.

3. The bag hitting the grill of a stationary car would not trigger the air bag.

4. There was no cloud of airbag dust.

5. Airbags deflate rapidly.

6. This is what happens when an airbag inflates :


And here is the Old Lady :


P.S. Having weighed up the evidence, I've changed my mind, it was the airbag what did it.

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