Monday, 9 August 2010

Britain is a country which needs more old men like Clint Eastwood

Clint Eastwood is an 80 year old American.

I read that he :

* made a personal appeal to Chancellor, George Osborne, expressing 'great concern' over plans to abolish the UK Film Council.

* wrote that, scrapping the UKFC would spark a 'mass exodus of American movie makers from Britain'.

* praised the 'vigorous support' of the UKFC for helping his latest project starring Matt Damon.

* said that the UKFC was instrumental in providing the crucial information to make the decision to shoot in Britain.

The facts :

* the Government wants to axe the 'Film Council' in a 'cost-cutting' drive to pay off Britain's £900 billion debt.

* the Council was set up in 2000 and receives £63million a year in 'lottery' and 'grant' aid.

* 55 actors, including Bill Nighy and Timothy Spall have launched a campaign to save the Council and Clint has weighed in with his letter to the Chancellor.

A Treasury insider said: "It's not often we get a letter from a Hollywood superstar".

So where are David Putnam and Michael Winner ?


P.S. For those who remember 'Rawhide' on black and white t.v. in the 1960's, here he is : B

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