Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Britain is a country whose old men say "Happy Birthday" to an old American actor called Dale Robertson

In those dreary Post-Second World War days in the 1950's, American t.v. series were a breath of life to the Brits. Glued to our a small t.v. screen 'Tales of Well's Fargo' and Dale Robertson playing Jim Hardie was something not to be missed.

He was born on the 14th of July in 1923, which makes him 87.

Things you didn't know about Dale, that he :

* worked as a professional boxer before enrolling in 'Claremore Military Academy'.

* served in the Army in a tank crew in the 'Combat engineers' in North Africa during The Second World War.

* was wounded twice .

* began his acting career, 'by chance', during the War.

* when stationed in California, decided to have a photograph taken for his mother and a large copy was displayed in the photographer's shop window.

* serving in the South Pacific, found himself receiving letters from film agents who wanted to represent him.

* after the War, stayed in California where Hollywood actor Will Rogers, Jr., gave him this advice:

"Don't ever take a dramatic lesson. They will try to put your voice in a dinner jacket, and people like their hominy and grits in everyday clothes."

* thereafter avoided formal acting lessons.

* is best remembered for the t.v. series 'Tales of Wells Fargo',


* was in the original cast of 'Dynasty', playing a character who disappeared after the first season.

* In 1993 and 1994, appeared in two episodes of the comedy western called 'Harts of the West' as brother of series co-star Lloyd Bridges.

Here he is in a wonderfully 'non politically correct' advert extolling the virtues of a cigarette called 'Pal Mall' :


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