Saturday, 24 July 2010

Britain is less and less a country for more and more 'poor' old men

According to a Report in the British Medical Journal, the gap in mortality between rich and poor is wider now than in the Economic Depression of the 1930s.
Where you live in Britain will determine how long you live and where you live is determined by your wealth and income. In Britain today, as was always the case, your wealth determines your health and how long you live.

Sheffield University's Professor of Human Biology, Danny Dorling explained the report on the 'Today Programme' :

The Report made the following points :

* the poorest old men in Britain are twice as likely to die before the age of 65 than the richest old men.

* the level of inequality in premature death between different areas of Britain has almost overtaken those seen shortly before the Economic Crash of 1929 and the Depression of the 'Hungry 30's'.

* although life expectancy for all people is increasing, the gap between the best and worst districts is continuing to increase.

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