Sunday, 20 February 2011

Britain is no country for dirty old men who are are 'baby boomer polluters'

An article in The Sunday Times newspaper today was entitled :


It made the following points about us baby boomers that :

* according to Government advisors, we have the biggest 'carbon footprint' of any group in Britain outpacing teenagers and 20 somethings in our 'exploitation of the planet's resources'

* if we continue to consume the same energy at the same pace, we could 'harm the country's battle against global warming'

* we are more likely to travel on holiday overseas, buy power-hungry plasma t.v.'s and dine at the most restaurants which require ingredients to be flown in from abroad

* we have large houses in which children no longer live and gas guzzling cars

* have a 'tendency to stay at home and turn up the heating'

Apparently, 'environmental campaigners' this weekend have suggested that we should :

* become vegetarian because rearing animals for meat leads to land clearance. large amounts of methane and mass grain production

* go for more walks

* visit the cinema, rather than watch t.v. at home

We have a role model in Albert Kemp, age 64, who as the boss of an insurance company, used to fly round the world sometimes visiting 3 countries a day. He's retired now and it would be really good if as many of us could follow in his footsteps and emulate his lifestyle by :

* living on a farm where he keeps sheep and grows vegetables

* installing solar panels to cut electricity consumption by 50%

I assume these are somehow 'non-methane producing sheep' not being raised for meat.

Albert has said :
" I would never have imagined this lifestyle before, but I could never go back. We love the slower lifestyle and reducing our carbon footprint is a big priority. The next step is a wind turbine."

So, all you baby boomers out there in Britain, including those of you who haven't got '2 pennies to rub together', you know what you have got to stop doing at the top of this page and start doing at the bottom and move to a farm and raise sheep like Albert.

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