Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Britain is no country for old men who drive a convertible called the VW Eos

I published a post in June last year in which I said :
'It is a beautiful, sunny, monday morning and I've been out driving my convertible and it amuses me to see that the other convertible drivers I passed, who had their hoods down, were all about my age and wearing baseball caps like me.

I would say that, on the basis that Britain has more convertibles than any other country in Europe, most of them here are driven by old boys like me.

It was a beautiful spring morning a couple of weeks ago so I pressed the button of my saloon, put the roof of my VW Eos into the boot and drove off in my convertible. On returning home I converted the car back into a saloon and found that I couldn't open the boot.

I took the car back to my local dealer to report the problem. There have been several outcomes :

1. I have had to book the car in for repairs over 3 days. Apparently, the rubber seals have failed, causing water to leak into the boot and compromise the opening mechanism. New seals need to be fitted. This will take 3 days since they have to carry out 'diagnostic tests', whatever that means.

2. The garage have given me the courtesy car in the first photo and, oh dear, I have become a moving advert for the local garage..

3. The car is still under warranty, so there will be no charge.

I am aggrieved.

* This was an expensive high-tech car from a renown company. It should not have leaking rubber seals.

* Some internet research revealed that, this has been a common problem with this car.

* I would like some compensation - another year's warranty or a free serve.

Where can I get in touch with the VW Headquarters to complain ?

* Further internet research revealed that there is no H.Q. to complain to. I must address my issues to the manager of my local garage.

* So I learn that modern corporations have no head. I also learn that VW is a very large corporation employing over 300,000 people.

Do I give up and not bother to take up the issue or do I like Jack, take on the giant at the top of the beanstalk ?

In circumstances like this I must remember that, old Brits like me, have fortitude.

I shall become Jack and take on the evil giant VW.

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