Thursday, 13 May 2010

Britain's old men said "happy Birthday" to Susan Hampshire yesterday and recalled her beauty and their youth

Susan Hampshire, Lady Kulukundis, OBE is 73 years old and still an 'English rose'.

In the 1960's many a teenager, like me, could have spent their dinner money on her since she was so extraordinarily beautiful.

Things you probably didn't know about Susan :

* born the youngest of four children, her mother was a teacher and her father was a director of ICI and they separated before she was born.

* struggled with reading as a child and only as an adult with her own child would she be diagnosed with dyslexia.

* found the theatre in her teens.

* appointed an OBE in connection with her work highlighting the problems of dyslexia.

* suffered a number of miscarriages over the years and published a book about women and fertility issues.

* has written children's books and books on gardening.

The video clips take me back to my teenage years :

On the opening of Anglia T.V. in 1959 :

With Cliff Richard on his birthday in 1963 :

With Cliff in 'Wonderful Life' in 1963 :

And lastly in the 'Monarch of the Glen' and her moving last moments with Hector less than 10 years ago.

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