Thursday, 6 May 2010

Is Britain a country where old men do new and challenging things ?

Lots of interesting things going on in these photos and prompted by a comment made by 'Broadview Travellers' about my previous posting on Sigourney Weaver entitled :
Was Britain a country where old men once agreed with Sigourney Weaver and like her said : " I like getting old - it's interesting " ?

Comment :

'Getting old can be interesting if one sets oneself new goals(targets?... bollocks that word but you know what I mean, I hope) As a retired Headteacher said to me last week, there is a life out there so go and grab it. Do lots of new things, challenge oneself and never surrender to the passing of the days.
In the 'Times'the other day there was a report about a 90 year old lady who had, at 87 taken up golf! And at 90 scored a hole in 1! Hard enough for most of us who enjoy the game but she did it. There are so many examples of people who just get on with it and partake of life that easily defeats those you quote!'

'Do lots of new things, challenge oneself':

Would you not agree that there is plenty of evidence here of old people doing new and 'challenging' things ?

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