Friday 6 January 2012

Britain is a country where men become old sooner than they think

Brain cell activity

An article in the 'Gaurdian' yesterday was entitled :
How the brain starts going downhill at 45: Scientists find mental decline sets in much earlier than they had thought.

It made the following points, that :

* According to a study of 7,000 civil servants over 10 years, British men and women suffer the same 3.6% memory loss between the ages of 45-49, but older men aged 65-70 fare worse still, with a 9.6% drop in comparison with the 7.4% for their female counterparts.

* a deterioration in the memory and thinking powers of the oldest volunteers was expected, but the reasearch led by Archana Singh-Manoux found that the brains of even the youngest were already on the slide.
She said that "understanding cognitive ageing will be one of the challenges of this century", as the number of elderly people around the globe rises exponentially.

So old men of Britain, not much effect on you, the damage is done. Its for the 'old men of Britain to come' that this might be depressing. Try cheering youselves up with Tom Rush and his 'Remember Song' :

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