Saturday, 14 May 2011

Britain is a country with a charity busy on behalf of old men called 'Action on Elder Abuse' with much to be busy about

Britain's Charity 'Action on Elder Abuse' is busy. In just one week in March last year it concerned itself with the following stories :

* 9th : Residents left unwashed in 'Kings Heath Nursing Home'.
The 'Birmingham Post' reported :
'Residents in a nursing home where a war veteran died just ten days after moving in were unshaven with unwashed hair and long finger nails.'

* 9th : Three care workers in court over abuse at residential home Coventry. The 'Telegraph' reported :
They will face town magistrates over allegations of ill-treatment against three residents at the small, privately-run Wembrook Care Home in Attleborough.

* 8th : Little money available to recover from care home thief.
The 'Northern Echo' reported :
Little money may be redeemed from a former nursing home administrator who stole thousands of pounds of residents' money.

* 5th : Woman robs residents of Londonderry care home.
The BBC News reported :
A woman has pleaded guilty to stealing £64000 from the residents of a Londonderry care home.

* 4th : Police probe Cumbrian nursing home after mistreatment complaints.
The 'News & Star' reported :
Details of the concerns about Branthwaite Care Home have not been revealed.

* 4th : Yarmouth care home manager struck off.
The 'Great Yarmouth Mercury' reported :
A care home manager who shut elderly residents in a tiny room to get them “out of her face” has been kicked out of the profession.

* 4th March 2010 : Inspectors did not have clear training in fire safety.
The 'Herald' reported :
Health board inspectors failed to ensure legal requirements were met when examining fire safety standards at a care home where 14 pensioners later died in a fire.

* 3rd : Care worker stuffed trousers into dementia sufferer's mouth.
The 'South Wales Argus' reported :
A care assistant pushed a pair of rolled up trousers into the mouth of an 89-year-old dementia sufferer at a Chepstow care home.

* 3rd : Inspector saw resident at Maypole Nursing Home badly treated, inquest told.
The 'Birmingham Post' reported :
A care home inspector has told an inquest how he saw a resident of a Birmingham nursing home being treated in an undignified way.

* 2nd : Inquest told of fears over level of care at Maypole Nursing Home.
The 'Birmingham Post' reported :
The daughter of a man who dies after just ten days at a Birmingham Nursing Home.

* 2nd : Teesside care home facing new allegations of neglect.
The 'Gazette Live' reported :
A Teeside care home is facing allegations of neglect for the second time in less than two years, after an elderly lady resident was admitted to hospital.

* 2nd : Pensioners are punished by the care lottery.
The 'Daily Mail' reported :
One of the poorest areas - Halton in Cheshire - funds fewer care-home places than well-heeled areas such as Windsor and Oxfordshire, even though the need is greater.

What a sad country Britain has become.

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