Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Britain a country where old men can be proud that they are part their Government's 'Big Society Project.'... if they want to be or not.

Britain's Government is cutting costs to handle the 'World Economic Downturn'.

Good news for old men and women :

* Your 'Care Services Minister' has announced that a 1,000,000 of you, men and women, are to be given the 'opportunity' to manage your 'own personal care budgets' against the current 250,000.

At this point I recall : ' All those who do not believe in democracy will be shot.'

* Your 'personal budgets' can range from a few hundred pounds to £50,000 a year and allow you to 'buy services such as home help from charities or private companies'.

Apparently :

* this is part of the Government's 'Big Society Project' with you old people taking on responsibility for your own lives.

Here is the BIG idea of the 'Project':

* 'to look to people, not the state, to shape services, and improve outcomes, making a reality of the 'Big Society'.

* there were concerns that the money 'earmarked' for social care would be swallowed up by the 25% cut to council budgets announced by the Chancellor in last month's spending review.

* The Charity, 'Age UK', warned that it had 'concerns' over the plans and said : 'Many older people don't necessarily want to have to become employers of carers or shop around for provision.'

So here is the wheeze :

* make old people 'responsible' for their own 'social care budgets' as part of the 'Big Society'

and, because many will be confused and will not know what to do,
will not claim their entitlement and so save the Government money.

Am I too cynical ?

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