Monday, 8 November 2010

Britain's tommorrow's old men should have been born in the USA

Tomorrow's old men, beware. A study carried out by the 'Institute for Fiscal Studies' and 'RAND Corporation Research Centre' in Los Angeles reports that :

* Middle-aged Britons are healthier than Americans, yet that are 5% less likely to live to 80 because their 'Health Care System' is much worse.

Apparently :

* Britons over the age of 50 are 'significantly healthier' and have far lower levels of heart disease, cancer and diabetes, mainly because obesity rates are lower.

* National Health Service treatment of tumours, heart attacks and strokes is too ‘conservative’ and not as ‘aggressive’ as in the U.S. where more lives are saved as treatment is given sooner and with less consideration of cost.

* National cancer screening programmes, such as that in place in the U.S. for prostate cancer, have drastically improved survival rates.

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