Saturday, 20 November 2010

Britain is a country awash with books for and about old men

The publishing world has found a new source of revenue :

Producing books for old codgers like me :

* Things to do Now You're 60
* So You're 60
* A Little Bit of Old Git Wit
* Grumpy Old Men
* 1000 Senior Moments
* Old Age and How to Survive It
* The Seniors Survival Guide
* So You're 70
* A Manual for British Malcontent : Grumpy Old Men
* How to be a Happy Old man
* Can't Be Arsed
* You Know If You're Past It
* The Book of Senior Moments
* Are You a Miserable Old Git ?

And for good measure what about this T-shirt ?

P.S. 'Codger' : A somewhat eccentric man, especially an old one, perhaps an alteration of obsolete 'cadger' meaning 'peddler'.

'Git' : a contemptible person, often a fool or a bastard
from 'get', in the sense: 'to beget', hence a bastard, fool.

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