Sunday 5 September 2010

The fact that Britain is no country for old men is, apparently, of some interest to some people, somewhere

All the dots on the map in the link below, indicate the last 100 visits to this blog and each dot is most gratifying to this old blogger.

I am intrigued and ask myself :

Who are each of you who logged on to my site, at that distance in miles from me and in that location ? are you all 'expats' or do some of you read me in English as a foreign language ? :

121....United Kingdom, Cheltenham
175....Belgium Zandhoven, Antwerpen
54.....United Kingdom ,Godalming, Surrey
11,88..New Zealand Auckland
3,927..U.S. Berrien Springs, Michigan
1,281..Bulgaria, Rousse, Ruse
189....United Kingdom, Manchester
10,394.Australia Bendigo, Victoria
3,688..United States Silver Spring, Maryland
42.....United Kingdom, Eastbourne
105....United Kingdom, Salisbury
2,187..Israel Lod, HaMerkaz
3,933..United States, Notre Dame,Indiana
211....Netherlands Amersfoort, Utrecht
4,375..India Indore, Madhya Pradesh
4,003..United States, Naperville, Illinois
4,197..United States, White House, Tennessee
5,380..United States, San Francisco, California
3,312..United States, Littleton, Massachusetts
3,291..United States, Richmond, Vermont
5,413..United States, Santa Cruz, California
2,037..Egypt Alexandria, Al Iskandariyah...
4,801..United States, Kirkland, Washington
371....France, Strasbourg, Alsace
1,114..Finland, Helsinki, S.Finland
267....United Kingdom, Newcastle Upon Tyne
3,581..United States, Douglassville, Pennsylvania
1,727..Turkey, Ankara
402....Ireland, Limerick
184....Netherlands, Geertruidenberg
32.....United Kingdom, City of London
182....United Kingdom, Stockport
869....Hungary, Budapest
189....France, Paris, Ile-de-France
509....France, Montauban, Midi-Pyrenees
470....Denmark, Brande, Ringkobing
363....Germany, Frankfurt Am Main, Hessen
185....United Kingdom, Exeter, Devon
319....Ireland, Dublin
464....Denmark, Kolding, Vejle
10,531.Australia, Sydney, New South Wales
3,695..U.S. Washington, Columbia
70.....U.K. Bedford
613....France Nice, Provence
861....Italy, Rome, Lazio
734....Austria, Vienna
5,359..U.S., Pleasant Hill, California
5,225..Brazil, Itamb, Bahia
5,827..Brazil, Sao Paulo
392....Ireland, Cork
5,482..U.S., Camarillo, California

What did you think ? Shall you ever revisit ? I shall probably never know.

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