Sunday, 27 March 2011

Britain is a country where old men can get a 'Woteva' app from Saga so they can beher unnerstan wot da kidz a sain

An article in 'The Daily Mail' yesterday was entitled :

'Good news peeps, there's an app to translate da kidz' slang'

For those older peeps in the fam who want to know what da kidz in their endz are thinking, a sick new app may just hold the key, innit.

Apparently, in an effort to narrow the generation gap, the over-50's Group, 'Saga', is to launch a mobile phone application to translate teenagers’ slang. The ‘Woteva’ 'app' will :

* be available by the end of Summer and translate 100 words or phrases.

* help parents and grandparents to 'stay in touch with youngsters' and will be free to download to a smart phone, or similar hand-held device.

* make the following translations :

Dr Ros Altmann, Director-General of Saga, said:

* "To some parents and grandparents, it can feel that the next generation has a language of its own. A translator seems like the obvious solution to prevent the generational gap from widening".

* "This app will provide people with the opportunity to stay connected with youngsters, and nurture relationships across generations".

* "In our estimation around 5% of all words currently in use in the English language are completely alien and indecipherable to people born before the 1960s."

The article elicited the following e-mails from :

Becki in Wigan :

'LOL. I'm 20 and didn't have a clue what most of them words meant. Also, how many of the older generation use a smart phone in the first place?!'

Craig in East Calder :
'omg, i wsh ppl wd stp usn txt spk, fgs'.

Charles in London :
'I have an even simpler method.....I reply..."sorry....I only speak English". That usually does the job pretty well'.

P.S. I begin to wonder if 'April Fool' jokes have come early this yar.

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