Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Britain is a country where old men have a champion against the injustices they suffer called 'The Daily Mail' newspaper

The Daily Mail newspaper has, for some years, been running a 'Dignity For The Elderly' campaign and has found no end material to feed it.

In 2006:

Articles on :

* Nurses 'too busy to feed elderly patients due to cutbacks'.

* Two in three Town Halls cutting back on home help for the elderly, say inspectors.

* Social workers set 15 minute deadline on caring for elderly.


* Guilty: The matrons who ran a care home of horrors.

* Care-home residents suffering in silence.

* Half of doctors see the over-65s as a low priority.

* Hospitals 'risk lives of elderly by sending them home too soon'.

* 'Elderly routinely tied down and locked up', reveals damning report on care homes.

* Thousands of our elderly are living in filthy care homes.

* An elderly person dies every five hours from a fall.

* Six in 10 nurses 'would turn blind eye to abuse of elderly'.


* 5,000 complaints a month over care home abuse fears.

* Hospital staff tied elderly patients to chairs with bedsheets and braces.

* The devoted husband, 86, driven to kill his sick wife after social services 'abandoned him to care for her alone'.

* Starved by the NHS: 242 patients die from malnutrition in a single year.

* Thousands of elderly people are being forced to sell their homes to pay for residential care while those in neighbouring districts are allowed to keep theirs.

* Elderly man with dementia died after being left alone by carers for FIVE DAYS without food or drink.

* 3,000 victims of home snatchers: Record numbers of the elderly are forced to sell their homes to pay for care.

* Elderly could be tagged just like convicts to save paying for night cover.

* Coroner's fury as great-grandfather, 86, dies after being dumped on A&E trolley for 19 hours TWICE.

* Queen's Hospital in Romford, Essex, was criticised for 'gross failings in care' and 'neglect' after Walter Gibson, 86, died in agony from infected bedsores.

* Cash to find cure for dementia is slashed: Ministers go back on research-funding pledge.

* 'Blighted by poverty, loneliness and neglect': More elderly Britons say their lives are getting worse.

* Care system can't cope with ageing population, admits Health Secretary.

* Leaking roofs, incontinence pads on the floor... thousands in care homes forced to 'live in filth'.

* The middle aged who only care for parents because THEY stand to gain.

* Betrayal of a Spitfire hero: NHS withdraws care home funding for war veteran struck down by dementia.

* 20,000 a year sell homes to fund care: New figures reveal growing toll of the families struggling to pay soaring fees.


* Locked up and sedated: Dementia patients are denied basic rights, says damning report.

* Bed-blocking on the rise as care cuts bite: Number of elderly patients stuck on wards soars.

* Our dementia shame: Alzheimer's failings force 50,000 into care homes.

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