Thursday 10 November 2011

Britain is a country with a publisher producing books to stir the memories of old men

Apparently, the publisher, 'Age Exchange', produces books which :

* provide a highly entertaining and educational way of exploring living memory.

* are lively, easy to read, conversational in style and lavishly illustrated with photographs and line drawings of the time.

* tell stories in the original words of the old people we have interviewed over the last 20 years, carefully edited to help the reader to a clear sense of the period under discussion and the personality of the speaker.

So with my appetite whetted, what's on offer ?

This one sounds fun :
Reminiscence in Dementia Care

Apparently it has :
'articles by international experts who came together at a conference in London promoting imaginative and humane approaches to dementia care using reminiscence and life review.'

Living as I do in the county of Kent I might go for :
Our Lovely Hops

It is based on 'Memories of hop-picking in Kent, plus over 100 delightful photos of work and play ‘down hopping’'.

From what I remember about what my mother told me about the hop picking in Kent which she did to supplement the family income when she was a girl 90 years ago, it was hard, dirty work and not much fun and she returned home lousy with fleas and lice.
She was a bit older than she was as the little girl when this photo was taken in 1914.

When the Lights Go On Again

This one has 'Old people from South London remembering VE Day and rebuilding family life at the end of World War II.'
I lived in London, as a boy just after the War, I might try that one.

Goodnight Children Everywhere

Apparently this has :
'a remarkable collection of first hand experiences of evacuation in the Second World War. The contributors speak honestly, in many cases for the first time, about the upheaval they went through as children, illustrating their stories with letters they wrote at the time and the photos of themselves which were taken to send home to their parents.'

Mapping Memories: Reminiscence with Ethnic Minority Elders

This one :
'features the lives of 24 elders who originate from the Caribbean, Africa, India and China and reveals that researcher Meena Khatwa found that : "There was a genuine sense of contentment, excitement and at times feeling of sorrow in what was being revealed."
Sounds intriguing. I might try that one.

A Day At The Fair

More fun here :
'A collection of hilarious memories of going to the fair on Bank Holidays in the I920's and 30's.'

The fair I visited on Blackheath in South London with my family, when I was a boy 50 years ago, has transformed itself. This is what I would have seen in April this year and it is heartening to see that 3 of the items I have highlighted I recognise as survivors.

£1 Entrance Fee
£3 Dodgems
£2.50 The Terminator
£4 2xtreme (terrifying looking spinning thing seen from miles away)
£2 Waltzer
£2.50 Bounce
£3 Oblivion (another spinning thing)
£2.50 Cage
£2.50 Hook a duck
£2 Ghost train
£2 Ferris wheel
£2 Burger
£2 Candy floss

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