Friday, 4 November 2011

Britain is no country for the memorials of old soldiers

This photo of Vicar Kevin Scott at The Old Malden monument, in Surrey, after thieves pushed it the ground to steal a strip of lead worth £5.

A Daily Mail newspaper article was recently headlined :

Sacred memories sold as scrap: Clampdown on dealers who encourage pillage of war memorials, demand police.

Apparently, a spate of theft of statues and brass plaques and vandalism has wrecked hundreds of military monuments across the country, which provide the setting for services commemorating those who lost their lives in action.

Frances Moreton, Director of the War Memorials Trust, said there had been a sharp increase in thefts as the price of metal has risen on the world market. "We used to hear of one theft a week at the start of the year, it rose to two or three over the summer. There have been cases of stuff being put of for sale on the Internet but increasingly it is the case of metal being stolen because of its value.
It’s very sad to see memorials being targeted and the names of those who have given their lives for their country being lost."

Only a handful of metal thieves who steal war memorials have ever been brought to justice and only one in ten of the stolen plaques and statues are ever recovered.

What a sad country Britain has become.

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The image of a drunk student urinating on a war memorial provoked a furious backlash from relatives who had laid wreaths of poppies in tribute to their loved ones back in 2009.

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