Sunday, 18 September 2011

Britain is a country where some old men in some places prepare to celebrate 'Older People's Day'

'Older People's Day' is on Saturday, October 1st this year and I have no doubt that preparations are well advanced in all parts of the Realm for what is the main annual event in the Government supported 'Full of Life' campaign which is :
'a celebration of the opportunities, achievements and aspirations of old people and their contribution to society and economy and through this start to tackle negative attitudes and outdated stereotypes.'

No doubt, old men in Britain looking for inspiration for their own event, looked at some of the successes in the last Older People’s Day organised in 2010. Apparently, over 700,000 people took part in local events across the country, ranging from theatre projects to tea dances, fitness and healthy eating classes to fun days and many of these events were built around 2010’s theme of 'getting and staying active in later life.'

As a case in point, the town of Hyndburn in Lancashire had 5 events themed around the 'Full of Life emotions' :

Vitality was represented by a walk along the canal.

Knowledge involved the members and guests taking part in a quiz.

Talent had an afternoon of dancing.

Wisdom involved Lancashire dialect poetry and a speaker.

Energy was a vigorous walk round the gardens at Clayton Hall.

Well, that sounded a lot of fun, didn't it ?
I wondered if my local town of Gillingham in Kent was organising events ? Sadly, a bit of research revealed the answer :
" Absolutely nothing "

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