Tuesday, 20 October 2009

I wanted a list of the posts I've published since May, so that I could check if I was repeating myself. Here it is, from the most recent down to the oldest :

Britain is still a country for the old men who once were members of Monty Python's Flying Circus

Britain says " Happy Birthday " to Old Timers, who have given so much pleasure to so many

Britain is no country for three old heroes called Done, Curtis and Legg

Britain is no longer a country for Barry Letts who gave us ' Doctor Who' and so much more

Britain is still a country for one remarkable old professor called Denny Mitchison

Britain is a country where yesterday's elderly heroes, Fred Bowers and Sir Thomas Legg, are today's elderly villains

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Britain's schools are no places for older teachers and baby boomers are to blame

The Pension Service - no problem, a problem, my problem

Britain is neither a country for old villains nor old heroes

Hats off to the voice of American crooner Andy Williams

Hats off to Chuck Berry, that remarkable Old American Rocker

T.S.Eliot, Britain's 'Favourite Poet 'and the dilemmas of old mens

Britain still a country for Captain Pugwash ?

Conservative Britain is no place for tommow's old men

'Dennis the Menace' is alive and well in New Zealand

Britain is a country where some remarkable and ordinary old men still live

Old Brits- do you know the date of the most important day in your life ?

Will Britain under Conservatives be a better country for some old men ?

Britain in 2109 will be a country full of old men

Last of the Summer Wine but not bought at Tescos

Britain Today in a Tale of Two Supermarkets

Britain today in 'A Tale Of Two Cities'. A Wiltshire hamlet where time stands still

Birthday Boys and Girls, do you know the date of the most important day in your lives ?

Britain needs Lord Layard and Gareth Malone as a Ministers of Happiness

Britain is still a country for the voice of Vera Lynn and her 'reservoir of love

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Happy Birthday Old Thespians

Britain's Old Men you have a champion in Joan Bakewell

Britain's Tescos - no company for complaints Part 2

Britons, your life in 6 words

There are still 'Reasons To Be Cheerful' in Britain Today

The B.B.C. is no Company for Terry Wogan's Old Geezers

Britain's West Midlands is a 'county' for Old Men

Britain - a country where it is not dishonest to dupe the old

Britain's 'Sunday Times' is a place for Old Men

Happy Birthday Old Timers !

Britain is no country for old men who can't hear or speak clearly

Today's Laughter tonic from Pete and Dud and the 60's

Britain in 1965 - a London School called 'Eltham Green Comprehensive' and the confidence of youth

Britain's hospital wards - no place for sick, old men

Britain in 1964 - a place for Manfred Mann

Britain - a place where philosophy can help old men

Old men in the U.S.A. - beware the 'Searle Freedom Trust' - no friend of yours

Britain - a place for old, daytime drivers

Goodbye Bavaria and your happy opas and omas

Bavaria is a county for old men – confirmed

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Berlin - a city with a supermarket for old men

Germany-no country to cross the 'Geritol Gang'

Bavarian families- the secret to happy old men

Germany is a country sympathetic towards old men

Bavaria is a county for old men

Britain - a country to profit from lots more old men

Germany - a country for old men ?

Britain - even less of a country for future old men

eBay is no company for old sellers

Britain's Old Timers - you are not alone !

Britain's Tescos - no company for complaints

B.B.C. is no company for Old Women

Laughing Clubs for Baby boomers ?

Thoughts from an American Poet and an American President

One virus hoax and a Grumpy Old Briton

The U.S.A. - a country where Old Men advertise their age on their bumpers

Baby boomers
, we are 'The Pig in the Python'.

Laughs for the day - courtesy of President Bush

Nine thoughts and One laugh for the day

Britain - a country where Big Business entice Old MenNew page

A role model for Britain's Old Men - Nathan Birnbaum

Do you know anyone who would buy these T-shirts ?

For young and old - one thought and three tonics for the day

Laughter - a tonic for all

Hot old men in Britain, relax, your Government has a cunning 'Heatwave Plan'.

Britain - a country where the class to which old men belong, still dictates how long they live.

Britain is a country where burglars should beware some old men and women

Born in the U.S.A.

Britain - a country where old men drive new convertibles

Google indicates that Britain is a bleak country for old men

Britain's 'baby boomers' today

Paul, Deliah and I.

Monarchy - a place where elderly people can do useful work

Should the title be : ' Britain is a country for young, but not old men' ?

Why can't democracy in Britain be a place for old men ?

Was Victorian Britain a Country for Old Men ?

Shakespeare's England was no place for old men

Urban Britain is no place for old men at night.

Who profits from being old ?

B.T.- No company for Old Men or Old Women

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China - a country for old men

Britain 1940 - a country for old men

Dandling in Britain today

Herne Bay - a place for the very young and the old

The soothing balm of age

Wembley Stadium - a safe place for older men

Sad beard, black beard, grey beard, no beard.

The good trader

A mantra for the elderly

ReactionsIs Colombia a country for old men ?

Rogue Trader from Hell : Part Two

Rogue Trader from Hell

Telephone banking

In house communication.

Big business banking on poor memory

places and unsafe places

Invisible at a petrol station

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