Sunday, 11 October 2009

The Pension Service - no problem, a problem, my problem

I've got a shortfall in my National Insurance record, since I didn't work when I was a student from 18 to 22, except in part-time jobs, so this could affect the amount of my state pension, which I receive in 3 years, when I am 65.

That being the case, I've just tried to 'register on line' for the Government's 'Pension e-service', but to no avail. A box on the screen told me that there was an error with the details I had entered. I am very fastidious when doing things like this and was sure that I had not made an error, but I tried on 2 further occasions, again with no success.

The error message told me to phone the 'Help Desk', which I did and someone called 'Gemma' told me that I : "would be phoned tommorow to sort out the problem".

So let's unravel this :

1. I had to use the telephone , which I could have done to register in the first place, to sort out a problem with their e-service.

2. I have now become a problem, since, someone will now have to phone me to sort out my problem.

3. I didn't need to leave my telephone number, that has been logged - creepy and like Big Brother and no doubt I'm stored somewhere in a folder called 'Old Problem Makers'.

Just to recap :

I didn't have a problem.
I encountered a problem.
I asked for help with this problem and..
I became a problem.
Someone will be paid to sort out ..
My problem and will..
Telephone me about my problem.

As Mrs Thatcher said : " It's a Funny Old World."

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