Saturday, 31 October 2009

The battle of the blogs Part 3 : 'small animals' v 'old people'

Small animals, 'visits and page views' :

Old people, 'visits and page views' :

I've said my daughter has a blog about the 'trials, tribulations and rewards of being a small animal vet in Britain today'.

Her father has a blog about the 'trials, tribulations and nostalgias of old people in Britain today'.

Score, so far today, in terms of visits :

Small animals : 35
Old people : 0

Her site meter for this week is at the top of the page.

It must be the subject matter. I think I might repackage this blog as :

'Britain is no country for old men but is one for old pets'.

P.S. Talking of old people and pets, I'm not sure if I find this 'You Tube' clip funny or not, but clearly the 'old' lady did.

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