Tuesday, 27 October 2009

The battle of the blogs : Part 2 : 'small animals' v 'old people'

I've said my daughter has a blog about the 'trials, tribulations and rewards of being a small animal vet in Britain today'.

Her father has a blog about the 'trials, tribulations and nostalgias of old people in Britain today'.

Score, so far today, in terms of popularity :

Small animals : 31
Old people : 1

Could it be the subject matter ?

I mean, here is her post for Sunday. It was accompanied by this photo, which I took when she was about 4. :

Sunday, 25 October 2009

The first cut is the deepest

I don't think we ever forget our very first pet.
This is me with Otto.
He was there before I was born.

I was vaguely aware during my earlier years that he fell somewhere between my baby brother and the goldfish in the pecking order of things.

He ate from the same silver dish for seventeen years, mostly cat food in a blue tin from Sainsbury's. He used to sit in the middle of the go cart ramp when we wanted to use it. One day he ate Fishy. When he disappeared for three days I cried every day. I still remember the day he came home vividly, Dad bursting excitedly into the living room holding him under his arm.

When we moved home my parents transported him in a porcelain waste paper bin that smelt of cigarette stubs. When we moved again Dad thought that at thirteen 'the shock would kill him'. The next day he dragged a squirrel through the cat flap.

He weaved his way into the fabric of our life with a soft gentle charm.

When he died we knew we had not only lost a pet but an irreplaceable part of our little family unit. A little piece of our history.

As in the photo, he may always have been on the periphery but he was never out of the picture.

Yes, I think it must be the subject matter. Animals are more interesting than old people.

P.S. You can see what I mean about her punctuation.

Her address is :

P.P.S. If you click on the link, have a look at her 'Site Meter', I mean, is this fair or not ?

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