Sunday, 4 October 2009

Old Brits- do you know the date of the most important day in your life ?

Most people know, with some certainty, the date of the day they were born, but few of us know the date of that, even more important day, the one when we were conceived.
Most of us spent 280 days in our mother's womb before being born. That being the case, you can use the calendar on the link below to count back 280 from the date when you were born.

Was the year you were born in a leap year ? If it was you need to count that extra day in February in the following years :

1940. 1944. 1948. 1952. 1956. 1960. 1964. 1968. 1972. 1976. 1980. 1984.

What was the weather like on your conception day and your birthday ?;sess=

What was going on in the world ?

Did 'Take That' have this date in mind ?

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