Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Britain in a harsh winter is no place for old men

Put 'Old people in the winter UK' on a Google search and it produces this harvest of woe at differents sites :

Older people warned over winter home improvement scams
Age UK and OFT campaign tells older people to beware of rogue doorstep traders offering winter home maintenance services.

Winter fuel payment cuts to hit millions of pensioners
Older people will have to wait at least six years longer to receive winter fuel payments, under government plans to cut the welfare bill. ...

Tragedy of 23100 extra winter deaths of older people makes new emergency plan imperative, says Age UK.

The UK has the highest number of excess winter deaths in Europe – higher ... for older people struggling to heat their homes this Christmas. ...

To be lonely in old age is bad enough, to be cold and lonely is even worse.

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