Saturday 18 December 2010

Britain is country in winter, where old men can learn to keep fit from their counterparts in the U.S.A.

A Google search of 'old people in winter' produced an extraordinary American site entitled : Tips for Old People's Winter Exercise.

I still can't make up my mind if it is a spoof.
I publish its advice verbatim and highlight the parts which made me smile the most :

* In winter, the temperature would drop sharply. However, old people may still hold passion to do exercise. It is easy for them to be in danger when they are doing winter sports early or late per day.

* The common diseases would be fractures, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular, etc. Therefore, old people should not do outdoor sports if the temperature is too low.

* When doing exercise, they must take every factor into consideration. Otherwise, respiratory diseases would be caused to undermine the healthy condition. It is suggested by the experts that old people may take care body feature, time and sports items to avoid danger.

* First of all, the sports time should not be long as the one for young players. The people in senior ages may adjust the sports time according to the body condition.

* Storing your golf cart in winter is important to keep your cart in good condition. You have to store your cart properly to use them again in the summer when it is the season for the game again such as climbing mountain, senior people in cities may take bus or long-time drive to reach the mountain and then start climbing. The longer time people in senior ages use, more exercise amount they would pay for. In order to avoid any accident in cold winter, old people may make use of the limited time and hold it in full control.

* Old people should ensure wearing the sports clothes with lax, comfortable and easy design. Old people may take on or off the clothes easily when doing exercise in winter. In order to avoid any danger for respiratory diseases, old people should put on the clothes in time for keeping warm.

* In addition, once old people get the full sports gear, old people may learn to control the sports pace. As we know, the sports pace may influence the comfort feeling by too faster or slower exercise. It is shown by research that fast jogging and mountain climbing may be listed as acute exercise for old people. During winter if old people climb mountain twice a week, it may not be the regular sports and old people may fully control the sports pace. The wise choice for winter exercise for old people may start from the sports with short and slow sports items. Especially in winter, acute sports would influence the respiratory system easily. So the people in senior ages may fully take care of the details for exercise items.

Wasn't that wonderful ?

This is the kind of advice given on this side of the Atlantic :

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