Friday 24 December 2010

Britain is a country where families invite old men at Christmas

What is it like for little kids to have grandparents visit at Christmas ? My favourite series, 'Outnumbered' addressed the issue.

Read this first to appreciate 'Mac' who visits the family with Granddad on 'Boxing Day' on the 26th December.

The preamble and then ........

Mother : This is Mac. He's going to be joining us for lunch.

Mac : .............................. ( I can't translate )

Girl : Is he Albanian ?

Mother : No Darling, he's from Scotland.

Mac : A wee drop of water would be nice.

Mother : I'll get that.

Granddad : Carolyn's done this lovely drawing.

Mac : A horse has got a javelin out of his head.

Girl : What do you mean a 'heed' ? What language are you speaking ?

Mac : I'm speaking English here.

Karen talking about 'A Christmas Carol'

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