Sunday 19 December 2010

Britain is a country where old men look back on Christmas in the 1950's, when they were boys and reflect that : nothing has really changed

All these years later, Christmas still falls into that pattern of :

Preparation 1

* presents bought
* decorations found
* food bought

Preparation 2

* presents wrapped
* decorations 'put up'
* cards sent

Execution 1 :
* presents unwrapped

Execution 2 :
* Christmas Lunch

Free choice :
* post-prandial snooze
* walk in fresh air
* watch t.v.

Evening :
* cold turkey meat
* more t.v.

For all this we have to thank Martin Luther and, more particularly, John Calvin who gave us this method of Protestant orderliness and organisation which serves us true, year by year.

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