Thursday 7 October 2010

Is Britain is a country where old men want to live until the age of 144, like Dr Nakamats ?

The 82 year old Japanese Dr Nakamats is the world's most prolific inventor with over 3.000 registered patents and he intends to live to the age of 144.

"I was curious about how I could extend my life span, I found that we are eating too much. That is what makes life short."

He concluded that one meal per day is ideal and it should be low in oil and around 700 calories and the number of sleeping hours should be limited to 6. He encourages a steady intake of 'Rebody 55', a dietary supplement of his own invention composed of 55 grains and other elements.

Here he speaks for himself :

If I am right and Britain is no country for old men today, it will certainly be no country for ancient men in the future.

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